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Prana/Vis Whole Health Series: Menstrual Health

Welcome to the Prana/Vis Whole Health Series, a unique set of workshops designed to offer both a naturopathic treatment perspective and a physical yoga practice in support of your path towards healing. 

By popular demand - having a healthy, vibrant period. From teens with PMS to middle-aged wise women with peri-menopause, come spend an hour learning about women's health and ways you can use natural medicine to help balance your hormones. In the second hour, we'll explore a dynamic and supportive yoga practice, with a focused relaxation emphasis. Please note: all of Dr. Kerr's Prana/Vis Whole Health workshops are suitable for yoga beginners. Yes, even if you have never stepped onto a mat or believe you are too inflexible, old or overweight to practice yoga. Yoga is suitable for everybody and Dr. Kerr is able to make modifications to suit your current ability. 

Please call 253-442-4901 or email with any questions. Registration form is below. 

Cost: $40

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