PranaVis Medicine is Alison Olt Kerr ND, RYT - naturopathic physician and yogi. Using her degree from Bastyr University, 9 years clinical experience as a licensed ND, 25+ years of personal yoga practice, and RYT-200 (soon to be RYT-500!) yoga teacher certification, Dr. Kerr offers the best of both worlds:

Highly qualified, research-based, personalized naturopathic care and the healing power of yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda.

Dr. Kerr keeps it simple, always, creating a foundation of achievable habits that help steer patients back towards health. The answers usually are quite clear:

  • eat real, whole, nourishing foods
  • get consistent levels of quality sleep
  • move your body with joy
  • tend to the body's nervous system
  • engage your creative spark
  • cultivate healthy, soulful relationships with self and community

Outside of the office, you'll find Dr. Kerr walking her talk, on her mat, and in the woods - usually with her people, funny pup, and camera in tow.

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"I cannot recommend Dr. Kerr highly enough. Without her guidance and support, I would either be on chemo drugs, or I would be in constant pain and sporting permanently damaged joints from rheumatoid arthritis. She's my hero. If you're in Tacoma, she is the doctor to see."  -KLG
"Thank you for being you! I truly appreciated your kind manner during our appointment last week. What a dream to find an ND with a RYT, and it was uplifting to have a candid, holistic conversation with you. It feels great to have a primary doctor again."  - DP