PRANA (pränə)

breath; life force

VIS (viːs)

The healing power of nature

Two sides of the same coin, prana and vis both acknowledge the body’s source and innate wisdom.



Welcome to the best of both worlds: up-to-date, research-based preventive care and the ancient practices of yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. PranaVis Medicine takes the most simple of medicines - the vital life force energy of prana and the healing power of nature, or vis medicatrix naturae, and unites them to foster a powerful path towards wellness.

Eat.   Sleep.   Breathe.   Move.   Create.   Connect.

Do these things often. Move your prana, embrace the vis. 

Vibrant health really can be that simple.

Rather than a steady stream of supplements, Dr. Alison Olt Kerr ND, RYT, with her broad formal training and unique blend of talents, guides patients to cultivate daily habits that promote sustainable health, grounded in the deep belief that it is easier to keep people well than it is to reverse disease after it has taken root.


Kind Words:

"Dr. Kerr is one of the amazing people who had helped me tremendously on my journey to health. I’m so thankful that she was the first ND I went to, as I can’t imagine a better introduction to naturopathy. She encouraged my desire to change and heal my body primarily with healthier choices in every part of my life. It took me almost a year, but having already trusted Dr. Kerr as my doctor, I decided to trust her recommendation to try yoga too, and I’m so thankful I did! She’s an amazing teacher who helped make yoga accessible to my larger body. I’m so grateful for Dr. Kerr and would recommend her to anyone who wants to embrace a holistic approach to health." - SP