Move your Prana. Embrace the vis.

Live Your Yoga: A THREE-Week Series

*Limited Space Available. Pre-registration required.

This 3-week series will introduce and de-mystify the full practice of yoga, with special emphasis on taking yoga off the mat and incorporating it into daily life. Class themes will be inspired by observations from nature, and explore what it means to become a more functional human and to inhabit the body with more ease. 

  Classes in this series will be formatted with plenty of space for community, curiosity, and clarifying Q & A, with an emphasis on foundational and sustainable postures, breathwork, and meditation. 

Supporter: $60   Sustainer: $50   Community: $40

  Experience Level:

  • beginner to moderate asana (yoga postures) experience

  • intermediate students that want to look at their yoga practice through a different lens

Monday, November 26 at 5:45pm

Monday, December 3 at 5:45 pm

Monday, December 10 at 5:45pm



"I am so grateful I took Dr. Kerr's anxiety workshop. She was so helpful in giving a balanced and broad perspective on anxiety. I have many more tools in my toolbox on how to deal with anxiety. I love that she is a naturopath and a yoga teacher - such a balanced perspective that is backed by true experience and knowledge. I plan to take more workshops from Dr. Kerr. She is a gentle, loving teacher." - SR